Veras A/W: En el Punto

Fast-rising footwear favourites Veras come correct for A/W with a collection bigger and bolder than before and cut-through with the Veras signature of classic casual style, premium traditional materials and quality craftsmanship. While undoubtedly and recognisably Spanish in origin, these shoes are Northern British by default, displaying styling’s and silhouettes (whoo) that have long found favour on the feet of those Casual types.

The San Juan in leather or suede is just one particular gem in amongst many.  A stunning traditionally made moccasin, handmade in premium leather and suede, featuring full leather insoles and a crepe soul, they tick more boxes than Rachel Riley holding a massive bag of Haribo Tangfastics. The update of last season’s Alicante in sand-coloured suede are one of nature’s great sights.


Veras don Neil Morris has only been engineering footwear for a few years but has swiftly steered the brand round the right roads and always parks it up in the right place.

Always handmade in Spain, put on ships to other places and made available from selected retailers, the A/W13 collection can also now all be seen in one place because he’s only gone and made a website. Have a look here




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