Deepest Red

429563_10150659150059155_593934154_11533097_1152879720_nDeepest Red is a new anthology of writing about everyone’s favourite football club Manchester United. Bringing together some of the most well-respected of red fanzine writers, bloggers and journalists, Deepest Red provide fresh insight into what has gone into making Manchester United the legendary club that it is today. I haven’t read it yet (Lads…I HAVN’T HAD A COPY TO READ YET. Lads…) but I’ve read the contributors list and it’s enough for me to know Deepest Red will be droppin’ some red science on its pages. I know before I even turn  a page that I’ll be getting original, quality, informed, intelligent (!) and witty words from some genuine know-the-scorers.


74828_478906342142413_625610230_nFanzines obviously provide all the best, most clued-up writers and Richard Kurt, Andy Mitten, Barney Chiltern, Bernard Niven and Paul Reeve all more than know their red onions and there are plenty more opinionated opinions in the book from people whose writing is always the right shade of red. (I don’t know if there’s a chapter in there about FC United. There should be really shouldn’t there. Shouldn’t there? I dunno. Who knows? LUHG).


Soccer - Manchester United v Manchester City - Old TraffordIt’s often difficult to find original, informative and witty words about United outside of United We Stand and Red Issue (!) these days as the blogger-sphere tends to suck a lot down so a tome like this is a cool throw-back and to be welcomed like the death of Malcolm Glazer. I’ve emphasised the words ‘book’ and ‘tome’  as Deepest Red is available as a real, proper, actual hardback book as well as this kindle thing they’re mad keen on punting. How can it be a book if it isn’t made of paper?  It’s technology gone mad. For an extra two quid you can have each chapter text-messaged directly onto your retinas.  Obviously this kindle routine is popular amongst the micro-chip-in-the-brain fraternity and you may be reading this on your kindle mocking my close-mindedness towards your superior tech, secure in the knowledge that instead of walking (walking!) to a book shop, you could probably download Deepest Red in ten seconds. Go on then. You’ll thank me.

Buy Deepest Red @ :


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