Casual Connoissuer presents…

heres-johnnyRenowned for their skill with a bobble-hat, the clever Cheshire cats at Casual Connoisseur have taken inspiration from a Hollywood cult-classic and come up with something that delivers on the ethos of the ‘connoissuer’. Detail, wit, intelligence and cool and all in just a bobble-hat.


It’s a piece of work in its own right but the genius is in the inspiration. And it is genius, just look. It’s so simple and so striking and so…you know. Bravo. CC like to keep things to a minimum and as ever with them this hat will be a strictly-limited run. Maybe they could interest the US and make more hats and make a mint but maybe they wouldn’t want to.  Whatever, I salute them for this. I can’t wait to see the one inspired by Smokey and the Bandit.                                                                                       @casualco

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